Wansfell Pike


NY 39417 04172

Height: 482m (1581 feet)

Drop: 25m

Classification: Birkett

In many ways, Wansfell Pike is a more satisfactory summit than Wansfell (the true summit) which lies about a mile to the north-east along the summit ridge. Although it is 5m shorter, Wansfell Pike has much better views, which extend across Ambleside and the length of Windermere. The summit is a rocky outcrop adjacent to a fence.


Getting there

Wansfell Pike lies about 1½ miles to the east of Ambleside, and it is most commonly ascended from the town. This led to severe erosion problems by the 1990s, and much of the route is now laid with stone blocks. The fell can also be climbed from Troutbeck in the east, following Nanny Lane, an old drovers trail.

Wansfell Pike is one of the most straightforward fells to climb from the centre of any southern Lakeland town.

Circular routes

An excellent circular walk from Ambleside is to ascend Red Screes, cross Kirkstone Pass near the inn, and ascend Stony Cove Pike and Thornthwaite Crag. Troutbeck could be reached either by descending High Street alongside Higg Gill, or more profitably by the upland route across Froswick, Ill Bell, and Yoke. From Troutbeck, the return over Wansfell Pike would complete a fine day’s walk of around 16 miles.

A shorter circular walk from Ambleside would involve ascending Wansfell Pike from Ambleside, and descending into Troutbeck. Turning south to Town End, the return to Ambleside would be via High Skelghyll and Waterhead. This walk is about 6½ miles long, and would be suitable for those less confident in their fellwalking abilities.


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